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Multi-fuelling delivers the optimum LEAN, CLEAN and GREEN vehicle power

Our unique patented technology offers a robust engine control methodology for multi-fuelling engines and delivers 3 amazing advantages over single fuel engines

This advanced technology is available today



G-volution is a world leader in Advanced Multi-Fuel Technology, which enables engines to simultaneously combust diesel with gas and other fuels. Examples of this include dual-fuel concepts such as diesel-LPG, diesel-CNG, diesel-CBG, diesel-LNG diesel-LBG and diesel-ethanol. The choice of secondary fuel (LPG, CNG, CBG, LNG, LBG or ethanol) influences the resulting fuel cost savings and carbon output reductions.



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G-volution's Optimiser can be retrofitted to existing diesel engines converting them to dual-fuel engines.

The installation is straightforward and will pay for itself within two years offering on-going substantial fuel cost savings and lower emissions.

There is an increasing abundance of natural and biogas in the world. G-volution’s technology enables it to be used it by trucks and other engine types.

At G-volution we are convinced that the benefits of using the existing and proven technology of diesel engines and diesel infrastructure outweigh the arguments for gas-only engines in many cases. The diesel engine has better compression ratios than spark engines, which give them 30% better performance than gas-only engines.

G-volution's Optimiser therefore allows natural gas, biogas, LPG and other fuels to be utilised in the more efficient diesel engine.





2013      G-volution wins two Rushlight awards

2012      G-volution wins $500,000 TSB award for Natural Gas developments in UK,

              together with some leading UK businesses

2011      G-volution delivers savings to some of UK largest logistics operators

2010      G-volution wins backing of Finance Wales

2009      G-volution emulation patent granted

2008      G-volution wins Shell Springboard award

2007      G-volution wins DTI (UK Govt) grant to develop Optimiser


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