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Generator Sets (Gensets)

Businesses that use diesel generators (Gensets) to produce electricity are under increasing pressure to reduce emissions and improve air quality from both their customers and legislation; these days they need to protect the environment and deliver their bottom line.

G-Volution is helping owners of these generators with a lower emission solution that is practical, sustainable and cost-effective.

Our unique, patented, dual fuel engine technology allows existing or new diesel generators to run simultaneously on diesel and a more environmentally friendly green fuel such as natural gas, hydrogen, or bioLPG.

With a payback period of 2-4 years it’s very cost-effective, and can be fitted to both new and existing generators.

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The results are impressive:

Emissions are reduced by up to 50%

Fuel costs are reduced by up to 30%

Read Our Incredible Case Study

Greaves Dual Fuel Genset Case Study - 2024

G-Volution enables users of diesel generators to adopt cheaper, cleaner and renewable fuels today whilst building a low carbon infrastructure for tomorrow.

Benefits of G-Volution's Generator Sets (Gensets)

Up to 50% substitution of Diesel with your choice of gas (CNG, PNG, Bio-LNG, Bio-LPG).

Reduce emissions by up to 50% by replacing diesel with a cleaner fuel

Cost savings of up to 30% by replacing Diesel with a less expensive fuel.

Achieve legislative emissions standards that meet your local/regional requirements.

The Generator Market is set to reach $82 billion by 2035 (global).

Growth is attributed to increasing population and urbanisation.

Gensets are one of the most popular solutions for areas where access to electricity is limited due to a lack of network connections.

Increasing pressure on countries to meet their climate targets has provided G-Volution with the opportunity to develop our unique, dual fuel Generic Genset product.

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The Generic Dual Fuel Genset Product

A set of kits that include our Dual Fuel ECU – The Optimiser that can be fitted to an existing or new Genset to implement dual-fuelling capabilities.

The secondary fuel can be CNG, PNG, Bio-LNG, Bio-LPG and Hydrogen (2024).

Each kit is attributed to a Power Band, which can be applied to the appropriate size Genset. Our Generic product can be applied to any make and model of Genset:

Gensets information table

Our first release product will be suitable for in-line engine configuration, but G-volution hope to release a product for 800 – 1250kVA Vee configurations Q3 2023.

Demonstrator now available in India on a Cummins 250kVA Engine.

The first Greaves 250kVA dual fuel natural gas demonstrator arrives in Nigeria to be marketed by Raypower Energy and Solutions Ltd.

Impressive performance shows up to 70% diesel reduction and replacement with lower emissions and lower cost natural gas

250kVA dual fuel natural gas demonstrator
Diesel Reduction Graph