Cost & Carbon Reduction

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The G-volution Optimiser dual-fuel technology will deliver significant economic and environmental benefits to the Vehicle Operator.

In simple terms the G-volution Optimiser replaces a proportion of  the expensive and carbon-intensive primary fuel (diesel) with a less expensive and lower carbon-content secondary fuel, for example Natural Gas (CNG or LNG) or LPG

In road transportation the benefits already proven by major UK Fleets are:






  • Immediate 10-20 % reduction in Fuel costs depending upon choice of secondary fuel

  • 8-15 % reduction in CO2 (depending on the choice of secondary fuel and up to 50% reduction with biomethane)

  • No reduction in vehicle range when compared to diesel-only vehicle

  • Installation does not affect integrity of base vehicle, the vehicle can be configured back to original diesel-only specification at end of period or contract if required

  • Vehicles reverts back to 100% diesel-only operation if secondary fuel is unavailable

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The table below illustrates the typical Net Fuel Cost Saving and CO2 emissions reductions for both Natural gas (CNG and LNG / methane) and LPG


Dual-Fuel Natural Gas LNG/CNG

Dual-Fuel LPG 


 % Fuel cost savings 





£ Annual fuel cost savings based on 180,000   kms/annum  





Reduction in CO2 Emissions  


15 - 20% (50% for biogas)

 6 - 8%


Unit cost  


 £25 - £30,000



Typical payback period  


 24 months


12 - 18 months


Uses current Diesel infrastructure