How it Works - G-volution's patented multi-fuel control unit - The Optimiser


The engine control loop

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Engine ECU inputs are not perturbed / no false input signals so no confusion of the original ECU (unlike competitor systems)

Engine ECU's expected operating setpoint is not confused verses the actual engine operating condition (unlike competitor systems) 

Engine ECU functionality is retained including OBD II, newer OBD II WWH and closed loop emissions / aftertreatment systems' functionality (unlike competitor systems)

Full transient performance for multi-fuelling

Real time system for multi-fuelling


The original diesel ECU remains master of the engine control loop and remains in full control of the engine. G-volution’s Optimiser is a transparent slave unit within the engine control loop.

G-volution Optimiser control unit intercepts the fuel injector control signals / fuel demand signals sent by the original diesel ECU. The control signals are then modified by the Optimiser via the patented principle of Emulation which results in a lower dose of diesel fuel being delivered to the engine. Simultaneously, the Optimiser doses precisely the amount of secondary fuel required to retain the original engine power output. Engine power output when the engine operates in dual-fuel mode is therefore the same as in diesel-only mode.

Emulating and translating the primary injector control signals allows the original fuel demand to be mapped into individual demands for a number of fuels (primary, secondary, tertiary etc). This principle is protected by patent GB2372835 and patent GB2447046 (both owned by G-Volution).


The Optimiser is unique as it is the only patented system of this type.



Emulation is a cleanersafersimpler and better way to multi-fuel the modern diesel engine today and tomorrow  

Engine ECU inputs are not perturbed, so no confusion of ECU’s interpretation of engine operation

Engine ECU functionality fully retained including OBD II WWH and closed loop emissions control

Full transient performance is possible for multi-fuelling fuelling

REAL TIME system for multi-fuelling 


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