Installation, Removal & Warranty

Vehicle Installation


The G-volution dual-fuel system consists of the following retro fit components which are all designed to be removed from the vehicle at the end of a contract/lease period:


  • Optimiser ECU and wiring harness

  • Secondary fuel tank

  • Gas vapouriser, pressure regulators and injectors

  • Minor components (pressure sensors, pressure switches, solenoids)


The Optimiser ECU connects into the wiring harness between the OEM ECU and the diesel injectors. This is achieved using mating connectors so that the OEM wiring harness remains intact and can simply be re-connected when the G-Volution Optimiser is uninstalled. 


The Optimiser ECU, vaporiser, pressure regulator and injectors are all mounted around the engine bay on custom made brackets which utilise the available mounting holes already in the chassis rails and component mounts. The installation does not involve the need for any additional drilling of holes anywhere on the chassis or in the engine compartment. 


The gas tanks are installed by removing the OEM diesel tank and replacing it with a smaller diesel tank and additional gas tanks in the same space (see image below). 




The original diesel tank chassis mounting holes are used to install the new combined diesel-gas tank solution. At the end of the contact/lease period these tanks can be removed and the original OEM diesel tank put back in place. 

 Bellaballoons Image


Alternatively, a single large gas tank can be installed

Bellaballoons Image


At the end of the contract/lease period all of the dual-fuel system components will be removed and the original OEM diesel tank will be put back in place. After the uninstallation process the physical appearance of the vehicle will return back to the original OEM specification.



The fitment of any accessory or equipment to a vehicle can invalidate certain elements of the OEM vehicle warranty. This is usually the case with the fitment of a dual-fuel system; the invalidation is normally limited to certain drivetrain components.

Over the past 4 years and 12 million kms of road operation G-volution has gained invaluable experience in this area and has refined our own Dual-Fuel system warranty to also cover the elements of the OEM warranty that may be invalidated hence keeping the full warranty in place for the vehicle operator.

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