Michael-John Charlton

Michael, recently senior vice president, Global Manufacturing Development, was responsible, for Tenneco’s global manufacturing strategy and competence development, including optimizing the company’s manufacturing operations, overseeing its TMS [Tenneco Manufacturing System] and Process Excellence programs. Previously, Michael was managing director, India, overseeing all Tenneco’s business activities in India. Before that, he served as executive operations director, emission control, Europe, where he was responsible for operations across 22 manufacturing sites and contributed to the business unit's strong performance improvement.

Professor Doug Greenhalgh

Doug has been involved with G-volution since it was formed in 2008 and advises on disruptive technologies and fuels of the future. As well as gaining over 35 years of ICE research working with BWM, Honda, Nissan, Ford, Shell and Cosworth Doug has held the following positions;
Past Professor and Head of Automotive Engineering, Cranfield University
Past Head of School of Engineering and Physical Sciences, Heriot-Watt University
Past Pro Vice Chancellor and Executive Dean, Glasgow Caledonian University

​Swapan Kataria

Swapan has over 20 years Third country trading experience including involvement with various domestic and international power generation plants. He has an extensive background in forming E&P ventures and has vast experience working with National Oil companies in different countries. His experience from wellhead contracts to downstream allocations of Natural gas, Mid-Stream allocations of Liquid Petroleum Gas & Oil derivatives; has been an asset in promoting KATOIL to focus on the Power Generation Industry. He is also The Founder and Promoter of LNG Source/LNG-9, which is focused on Spot Cargo trading of LNG Cargoes.