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  Rail Maritime Power On-Road Off-Road
EPA Tier 3 and Tier 4 Products G Volution Rail G Volution Maritime G Volution Power G Volution On Road G Volution Off Road
Products Description
  • Dual Fuel Engines
  • On-board CNG Storage Units
  • CNG and LNG Tender Cars
  • Dual Fuel Engines
  • On-board LNG Storage Units
  • LNG Tender Barges
  • Integrated Dual Fuel Power Units
  • Mobile and Stationary Gensets
  • Dual Fuel Engines for New Trucks
  • Dual Fuel Conversion Kits for Existing Trucks
  • Dual Fuel Engines
  • On-board CNG and LNG Storage Units
Payback Period 24 to 36 months 6 to 18 months 6 to 18 months 12 to 24 months 12 to 36 months


Diesel engines are efficient, and they are everywhere.  They need to become cleaner, greener and cheaper within the current infrastructure.  G-volution is a proven clean technology business set to transform the transport and power generation sectors.  G-volution has developed the Optimiser™System, a dual-fuel technology that enables diesel engines to combust diesel and Natural Gas (or other greener and cheaper fuels, Bio-LPG, or Hydrogen) simultaneously, which saves 20%+ on fuel costs (dependant on fuel price by geography) and reduces some emissions by up to 90%.

G-volution is operating in Europe, Asia & North America, and working in partnership with OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers.  The diesel engine is being phased out, and there is strong EU pressure and pressure from around the world to reduce emissions, and to decarbonise transport – this will revolutionise the current reliance on the diesel engine

Dual-fuel is predicted to play a major part in this revolution. A leading worldwide supplier of diesel engines chose dual-fuel as the most promising technology for the future as a way to de-carbonise transport and power generation. This unique technology allows G-volution to combine the advantages of gas with the diesel engine’s high efficiency rating, which is about 30-40 percent superior to that of the spark ignition engine. As a result, this dual fuel engine consumes considerably less energy than a comparable 100% spark ignited gas engine. It does not rely solely on gas infrastructure, and it can be retrofitted to existing diesel engine applications. Dual-fuel is predicted by most industry observers to become a substantial industry. 

G-volution technology has been developed & patented as an emulation technology that many industry experts believe is the best and most cost-effective dual-fuel solution. G-volution owns all the IP to manage the mix of two or more fuels by emulating the diesel injector signal. This unique technology allows the dual-fuel engine to operate exactly as if it were running on 100% diesel and eliminates the risk of failure from overpowering or over-torqueing. In addition, the technology preserves the drivetrain and original OnBoard Diagnostics (OBD) exactly as it would be under conventional diesel power.  The opportunities for applications of G-volution’s technology include off-road and construction equipment, static engines such as generators and large powertrains for ships & railway locomotives.

G-volution has also developed technology to deal with engine combustion inefficiencies (often known as ‘methane slip’) and exhaust treatment.  These include collaboration with leading OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers to achieve Euro 6 compliance on road.  Significant work is also being done related to Hydrogen dual fuelling and exhaust gas reformation.

G-volution has a unique, proven system of engine development using computer based modelling in the UK.  This allows a significant reduction in development time and cost as well as a more efficient system at the end of the development.

It is widely acknowledged that dual fuel remains one of the few solutions to the requirement to de-carbonise heavy duty diesels by 2030 and beyond.